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National ED Airway Audit

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How many patients are intubated in ED? Who is intubating them? What are the complications? These are the questions we plan to answer!

Although emergency airway management is frequently performed in Irish EDs today, there is a paucity of literature on why and how patients are intubated, and by whom. Surveillance of critical emergency procedures is essential for reasons of public health, education and clinical practice development.

Over the last few decades Emergency Medicine in Ireland had been a rapidly evolving speciality.  Emergency airway management is an integral component of management of the critically unwell patient. Internationally, and within Ireland, there is significant variation in personnel and practices around rapid sequence induction (RSI) and intubation of patients in the Emergency Department (ED)

The aim of this audit is to characterise airway management in critically ill patients in ED resuscitation rooms (RR) throughout Ireland in order to describe incidence, devices, techniques, success and complication rates.

If you’d like to get involved with this study, please fill in your details here: NERAA Sign Up and we will get back to you